Ecological Footprint

Donald Trump blathered on how much a threat North Korea is to the world. Their danger to world peace is graphically revealed by a satellite photo of the hermit nation.

South Korea had bright cities.

North Korea? My Christmas tree had more lights. 

So basically the most dangerous country on the globe is ecologically sound.

What about my ecological footprint? I live in brooklyn, recycle, eat fresh food, exercise, pick up plastic at the beach, bike, and drink beer. Air-conditioning can’t be too green or my car, then again my wife drives the car most of the time and I sleep with a fan, when she’s not here

There was only one way to find out.

The Happy Planet Index.

This website tests your compatibility of your environment through a series of questions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Multiple choice.

Completely anonymous.

First question is about your place of residence.

USA with 3% of the world population consuming 25% of the energy is a solid 18.

Yesterday I scored 82 which is close to the ideal HPI. Today’s 64 is on par with #37 Columbia. Cocaine makes happy faces. Civil War who cares?

 My life expectancy is 80.

My ecological footprint is level with #162 Botswana

Guess I’m a tree hugger or consumer deprived.  

Everything else was above average.

So I guess life isn’t so bad for the moment. Let’s hope I keep it that way.


One more thing North Korea isn’t listed in the Happy Planet Index.

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