Monthly Archives: February 2017

Melania Trump So Pretty

These days Donald Trump looks like a happy man. His election victory was a triumph of the Electoral College over the popular vote. His 45.9% total versus Hillary’s 48.0% of 57% percent of the possible voting public. Over 24% of the 43% of the unvoting public are excluded from the ballot polls by suppressive measures […]

Back To His Roots

Donald Trump airlifted his hit show to Tampa, Florida, where thousands of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN supporters greeted. They cheered his speech. They cheered to Melania recite the Lord’s Prayer, despite rumors of her being a Muslim, and left the rally resolved to never surrender the truth of Trumpish. The last gasp of White America […]

Trump Traitors

Rumors of Russian involvement in the Trump campaign have been simmering under the radar of the mainstream media. Editors squashed the stories of the GOP dealing with the Kremlin and once Trump was elected the president ordered a vow of silence on the matter, except last week the appointed NSC head’s connection’s to Russian operatives […]

TRANNY TRICK OR TREAT by Peter Nolan Smith

My friend Richard is teaching school in Saudi Arabia. He says it sucks, but he’s coining good money. He asked if I want to join him. If all else fails, “Why not?” Saudi Arabia is closer to Thailand than New York. He sent an old joke yesterday. A man is in bed with his Thai […]

Square S&M / The Castle – Pattaya

Several years back the Castle opened for business across from the Buffalo Bar on Pattaya’s 3rd Road. The dress code was black. I was more interested in drinking beer and sat at the bar, but the Buffalo’s bar girls watched young women exit from the S&M bar at the end of the night to mount […]