Blizzard Conditions In Fort Greene

No snow fell on Christmas Day in New York.

None fell on New Year’s Day north in Duchess County either, although snow clung to the rocky shadows in the woods.

The North Atlantic states were experiencing an extraordinarily warm winter, despite my prayers to pagan snow gods.

Two days ago the weathermen predicted a change.

A spectacular Nor’easter was scheduled to up the Eastern Seaboard spraying epic snowfalls on the coast

They were not wrong.

Washington DC recorded 24′ of the white stuff, while Fort Greene in Brooklyn was covered by 30″, which was the second deepest snowfall ever to hit New York. Mayor DeBlasio declared an emergency and the city shut down for the duration of the blizzard.

As the snow tapped off in the evening, I emerged from the Fort Greene Observatory to see the accumulation of snow on the street as well as find someplace open.

Motorists were obeying the mayor’s edict and not a single car was on Lafayette Avenue.

Now out of the house I thought about getting a drink.

A beer.

Fort Greene was known for its bars.

One had to be open.

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Not all the sidewalks were shoveled, so I walked in the street.

It was safe for once.

I like a world without cars.

Ralph’s Meat was closed, so I wandered down the street.

Mullane’s Sport Bar was dark. I continued my search.

General Fowler’s statue wore a cloak of snow.

The Civil War hero’s visage never changed no matter what the weather.

His gaze was focused on Frank’s Lounge across Fulton Street.

The door to Frank’s Lounge was locked shut.

None of my friends were at the bar.

I had sat out plenty of snowstorms at the bar, but not tonight.

Nothing was open.

Not even Mo’s Bar.

The blizzard had won and I walked home glad to have cookies and milk in the fridge.

A good blanket too.

And I sat by the window and counted snowflakes.

There were billions of them.

Every second.

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