Not For Nothing

On winter nights as a child in Maine in the 1950s I listened hockey and basketball games on the radio from Boston and the Far North. While I loved the Celtics and Bruins, I cherished even more so the fading in and out of hockey games from the Montreal Forum, for even if I didn’t understand a single word of French, I loved the slash of the skates on ice, the pock of a slapshot, the boom of the boards after a big hit, and the cheers of the crowds.

Only later I discovered that the Canadians were the Bruins’ bitter rival.

This video captures the heat and passion of hockey.

The fights?

Fights happen in hockey.

I wish it wasn’t that way, but Derek Sanderson was always my man.

Here’s to the great teams, their players, and the history of a rivalry written on ice.

Watch this amazing video

Not for nothing, but go Bruins.

And bless the Dropkick Murphys’ ROSE TATTOO.

They are one of us.

Happy 2016

Mike (Habs) and Moi ( Da ‘Ruins )

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