Missing Foundation – 1933 Your House Is Mine

The East Village had been a refuge for the artistic underclass since the Beatnik era.

I moved to the Lower East Side in 1976.

It was unlike my native Boston and complimented by the collapsing cities around the USA and decaying neighborhoods of New York.

We thought capitalist civilization was on its last legs, but our hopes were dashed by the gentrification of Alphabet City to provide inexpensive apartments for the junior execs of Wall Street. Protestors struggled to slow the encroachment. One of the more fervent components of the resistance to progress was Missing Foundation, an industrial music and performance art project led by Peter Missing, whose aggressively violent shows reached a climax during the Tompkins Square Park police riots of the summer of 1988.

Missing Foundation was not after # 1 hits or appearance on MTV and the graffiti of an upside martini glass became a symbol for political and social dissent.

I haven’t seen the band’s logo in years.

It meant the party is over, but the reality of the future was that the party had not yet begun.

I love their LP.

Missing Foundation – 1933 Your House Is Mine

To hear it, please go to the following URL


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