The Police Versus The Us

Over a year ago 19 year-old Michael Wilson was shot dead by a Ferguson Missouri police officer. Darren Wilson claimed the stocky high school senior charged at him after an altercation about walking in the middle of a street. Darren Wilson was cleared of any charges by a grand jury setting off a firestorm of protests against cops killing unarmed black males.

This week marchers took to the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis.

The cops responded with a show of force.

They want the citizens of these towns and cities that these are their streets.

People must live by their laws.

Anyone black out of line will either be killed or arrest.

Dead or alive.

It don’t matter to the pigs.

They are only following the orders of the white majority’s desire to keep the slaves in their place.

Only one problem.

The filth ie the police like the White Majority are on the wrong side of history.

We shall overcome one day.

The struggle is not over with one young man’s death.

Fuck the rich.

We are the power.

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