Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog

My mother loved the Pearl Harbor movie TORA TORA TORA.

TORA TORA TORA meant ‘attack attack attack’ in Japanese.

Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog translates the same in Korean.

This week North Korea has suggested to Russia and the UK that they abandon their diplomatic missions in Pyongyang before April 10, stating that the government will not be able to safeguard the embassy after that date. Nations neighboring the communist state are weighing the threat level to their countries. South Korea has sent two Aegis missile destroyers to sea, as the North Korea transported two mobile launchers to a secret site on the the eastern coast. Most rational minds understand that Kim Jong Un’s strike capacity is strictly conventional, since the NK ICBMs cannot deliver a nuclear warhead. Most observers agree that the Supreme Leader’s bellicose statements are designed at cementing the people behind his regime.

China’s patience with its long-time ally once “as close as lips and teeth” is wearing thin according to the Telegraph and states that North Korea no longer merits much respect among ordinary Chinese, who have taken to insulting Kim Jong-un as “Fatty Kim” or “Fatty the Third”, in reference to his father and grandfather, on the Chinese internet.

Fidel Castro has urged calm, although Beyonce and JayZ, America’s # 1 pop couple are in Cuba this week.

North Korea has no plans to attack the island 90 miles south of Key West.

Maybe they are privy to something the rest of us don’t know after speaking with Dennis Rodman, who was in North Korea talking basketball with Kim Jong Un. Didn’t he go out with Madonna.

See below for the range of North Korea’s missiles

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