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The Catholic Church hated witches. The Protestants weren’t much better. Believers in the Old Ways were burned at the stake by the tens of thousands. Twenty-eight people were hung or killed in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. The last such case to come before a court was the 1878 American civil trial in Ipswich, Massachusetts, when a Christian Scientist was accused by a crippled woman of manipulating her with “mesmeric” mental powers. The judge threw out the case.

Magic and witches were marginalized by movies and TV throughout the 20th Century, however the Old Faith has achieved a more acceptable status in this Age of Aquarius. Nine Wiccan stores are scattered across Manhattan and the internet provides easy access to the ancient crafts for those pagans living in the hinterlands of America.

I received this scam ad today.

I am Pam from uk i broke up with my lover two weeks ago and i was hunt by my lover i decided to look for a spell caster that will help me bring him back? then a friend of my directed me to this great spell caster, and he help me solve my problem how my lover is back to me, to get his contact here i am to give you his contact worry know more run to him now for your help and he will help you out.

Magic potions and mystic spells strengthened through the power of technology.

Just remember not all witches are sexy and even more importantly beware of what you wish for and I’ll have to misquote Carson McCullers from BALLAD OF A SAD CAFE, “There is no greater tyranny than that of the lover over the love.”

I think the quote came from her, but I could be wrong, but only about the quote, not its sentiment.

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