Do Not Pass Go

There is an old European adage; kill one person, go to jail, kill forty people and you get sent to a mental hospital.

Today a Norwegian court declared that the mass murderer of 77 people in July of this year was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia; i.e. that he is insane. His probably sentence after trail will be psychiatric care, since by law the judge can not punish him with prison. Norwegians were flabber-ghasted by the decision of the court, since the killer had cold-bloodedly planned the operation as an assault on the country’s laxity on immigration.

Another right-winger, Tim McVey, bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building. A US court was sentenced him to death.

Of course the finish of the preceding adage is that if you kill one million people you get a villa in Switzerland.

Hopefully on north shore of Lake Geneve.

It has a good view of Mount Blanc.

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