Party Goat Boy

This week police in West Virginia came upon a man wearing lingerie as he stood over a dead pygmy pig. The 19 year-old fled the scene of the crime in a thong. They captured the fugitive in seconds. The end of party boy in the hollows. Police suspect that he was high on bath salts. I have never heard of that rush, but I’m an old geezer raised on the classic drugs; pot and cocaine.

Natural highs, but they can take their toll.

Back in the 90s a gay friend in new york was into rent boys. The tougher the better. One night things got out of hand. Drugs and violent sex. Alex was thrown out of the apartment by the hustler. He stood out on the street shouting at his window; naked, bloody and covered with feathers from a torn pillow. A good citizen in need of sleep called the police. A cruiser rolled up to the curb. As the officers got out of the car, Alex turned to them and asked, “What? Haven’t you ever seen anyone after a pillow fight?’

The two officer looked at each other and returned to their cruiser. They drove off knowing that in New York when the going gets strange, the strange get stranger.

Wild party boys are cool as long as no one gets hurt.

ps drug freaks in the Deep South are huffing Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky to attain a kick from the stimulants in the bath salts.

Legalize cocaine.

And pot too.

It’s the only answer to stop the insanity.

pps the bath salt high looks like it messes up your skin.

watch out pretty boys and girls.

everything comes at a cost.

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