The first disaster in the Bible is the Flood. 9/11 was a modern catastrophe meant to change the way America lives. No more SUVs. No more fast food. No more stupid fat kids. Unfortunately this was not the case and New York was laid open for a winter attack of snow this Xmas weekend by the laissez-faire regime of the Bloomberg regime. Thousands of streets remained unplowed. Subways are running on weekend schedules. Sidewalks are buried under tundras of snow.

Adversity was supposed to bring out the best in people, however this Xmas storm showed the incivility of New Yorkers and most everyone else in the modern world. People only cared about themselves and cared about themselves at the expense of others. Blizzardholes were too numerous to count, but they could be categorized into five groupings.

Fifth, assholes owning cars who shoveled the snow into the street, then tried to drive to the local fast food restaurant, because they were too fat to walk through the snow.

Fourth, New Yorkers who had not prepared for the storm. They bitched about not being able to order Chinese food. I had ordered General Tsao’s a day in advance knowing the problems facing those fearless delivery bicyclers in the arctic condition besetting the city on 12/26.

Thirdly was the right-wing media blaming the labor unions for not clearing the streets with flamethrowers or neutron bombs so they could get to fast food joints to get fatter than anyone else in New York. I had to clear my sidewalk. 30 feet. It took me two hours. Mayor Bloomberg cut 1000 sanitation workers in order to save tax cuts for the Rich in the Upper Easts Side. No one is pointing a finger in the direction of John Paulson or other hedge fund directors, because they’re on St. Bart’s.

Second comes fat people walking down the streets of New York with a cup of coffee in this mitt, while text their loser friends about how high they are on caffeine. What the fuck about saying no to coffee?

Legalize cocaine.

Sell it to China.

Balance the trade deficit.

And Blizzardhole #1 has to be Mayor Bloomberg.

Too many reasons why, but mostly because he paid $100 million to convince New Yorkers that his opponent had no chance against his money machine.

Fuck Bloomberg.

He doesn’t give a shit about the cars stranded in any of the boroughs.

Ain’t he rich enough to not care what we think?

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