Few Are Chosen, Many Are Taken

Paris Hilton recently double-hit the gossip headlines with stops for reefer in South Africa and Corsica. The former was on suspicion on marijuana possession during the Netherlands-Brazil World Cup. The hosts apologized for the incident. Someone else was smoking the weed.

The blonde heiress was busted after French drug dogs sniffed out a gram of pot in her handbag. A joint. She was detained for 30 minutes and released by the authorities.

Fame has its perks, but anonymity in New York City can mean serious trouble for the tens of thousands of people stopped by the NYPD for possession of marijuana. Only 900 citizens were arrested by weed in 1993, but under Mayor Bloomberg and his police commissioner the numbers have ballooned to earn New York City the arrest capitol of the world for marijuana.

Nearly 90% are of color.

Not white and blonde like Paris Hilton.

Busted for marijuana and in many cases sent to the Tombs or Rikers Island for possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana, which is a misdemeanor on the books. Mayor Bloomberg had broken the anti-reefer laws in the past.

“I liked it.”

Yet the arrests continue.

New York Governor George Pataki, former President Bill Clinton and former Vice-President Al Gore, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have smoked reefer.

None of them were arrested for this non-crime.

And thankfully neither was Paris Hilton.

Although she does look good in a cell.

“Goddman you bet I would.”

One more thing.

Fuck Mayor Bloomberg.

Damn Bermuda Triangle Onion.

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