Little White Lies from BET ON CRAZY

Every start of the holiday Selling Season Manny, my boss on 47th Street, told the diamond sales staff, “Most people lie 17 times a day. In order for you to make sales. Lots of sales. I expect you to get your lies into triple figures. He who lies best, makes the sale.”

People lie and the best lies are the ones they tell themselves.

A recent British survey underscored Manny’s 17 lies.

4 lies per day in the UK.

Most popular.

#1 “I’ll give you a ring.”

#2 “Sorry, I missed your call.”

And the classic.

#3 “I’m on way.”

Most people lie not to lie, but to avoid embarassment.

Other classics.

“I’m stuck in traffic.”

“Of course I love you.”

“My alarm didn’t go off.”

“The check is in the post.”

“I’ll phone you back in a minute.”

Somehow they missed the all-time winner.

“My grandmother died.”

No one wants to admit to telling that one.

Thai bar girls are champion liars and they must wear some special cologne to befuddle mens’ sense of truth, because we’re perfectly willing to accept her Thai boyfriend as her brother, cousin, or gay friend.

The proof is revealed in two recent youtubes entries.

The bargirl has finished sex with a customer and gets a call from her boyfriend from the UK.

You can probably write the dialogue yourself.

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