US Intelligence Agencies have failed to capture Al-Quada founder Osama Bin-Laden. Billions have been wasted by the CIA, NSA, and FBI, however Los Angeles prosecutors have been succeeded in having Swiss authorities arrest the director Roman Polanski to face sentencing for a 30 year-old crime of child molestation. The french government expressed outrage and a myriad of film celebrities championed the Academy winner. Even the victim sought forgiveness for her violator.

Under-age sex, quaaludes, and a hot tub sounded like a good idea in 1978.

Sound good now too, except it’s a against the law.

This didn’t bother Woody Allen, who announced his support for Roman Polanski.

Woody’s no hypocrite, having suffering severe criticism for marrying his adopted daughter. reporters have sought out the opinion of Gary Glitter on this matter. The singer of ROCK-N-ROLL PART 2 has not entered into the fray and Roman Polanski can only be thankful the convicted child molestor has kept his mouth shut.

he could only wish that Woody Allen has done the same.

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