Yul Brenner Shaved his Head

Farangs have long been a source of income for the Thai nation either as business partners, tourists, or family support, however the present government like the previous regime views those westerners without proper visas as a threat to national sovereignty and have announced a final edict ending the abuse to the renewal of 60-day tourist visas.

“As there has been a number of visa applicants having entered Thailand via tourist visa and misused it to illegally seek employment during their stay and, upon its expiry, sought to re-apply their tourist visas at the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate in neighboring countries, requests for visa renewal by such applicants are subject to rejection as their applications are not based on tourism motive, but to continue their illegal employment, which is unlawful.”

Embassy officials will divine by strict guidelines whether an applicant is illegally working in Thailand. Those working in rice fields will have darker skin and those engaged in manual labor will have calloused hands. Men with multiple cellphones might be doubling as go-go boys, while anyone with more than 20,000 baht be be investigated for the sale of jah-baa.

Many farangs have pulled up stakes in recent years because they are broke.

Thai authorities will do their best to insure no one leaves here with any plans to come back.

Let’s face it. They’re still rightfully mo-hoh or angry about Yul Brenner getting the leading role in THE KIN

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