Neo-Zionists at the Wheel

Some deals are contracted in stone like the 10 Commandments. No one knows their location, however as inheritors of Yahweh’s legacy the State of Israel has a big say in the actions of the West. This week the USA announced that they will once more not attending the UN conference on racism. The State Department has found the draft statement to be objectionable with accusation of genocide against Israel. Recent threats to nuke Iran reportedly had no influence over Washington’s decision to skip the Geneva meeting. Israel congratulated the USA along with the Canada and Australia for their seemingly inexhaustible support. The foreign ministries of Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and the Netherlands debated on phone whether to attend the five-day seminar, bringing up the question. “What does Israel have on these countries to goad international policies like a cattle prod?”

In 2001 the United States boycotted the Durban conference, which closed on September 8 with a resolution promoting an independent Palestinian state.

3 days later 9/11.

Nothing to do with Durban like the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran had nothing to do with the US admitting the deposed Shah into the States for medical treatment.

Someone is driving the USA and it’s not James Brown.

“I’m super bad.”

Now that Georgia car chase was a car chase. Not some stupid 55mph chase like OJ.

Dumb stupid Oreo brother.

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