Full Speed Ahead

England is the most surveilled country in the world. Video cameras record almost all outside activity in hopes of controlling an unruly populace. The result of these decades of Orwellian voyeurism is that nothing has changed in the crime rates, but that people will do stupid things even if someone is watching. The USA during the Patriot Years subscribed to our staunchest ally’s spying techniques and Homeland Security funds spread across the land to set up video cameras to prevent terrorist attacks in Iowa and North Dakota.

Homeland Security in stopping any more 9/11s, however most of the CCTV cameras were used to counter the deadly threat of speeders. Pinal County Arizona has decided that we are safe enough to cancel their contract with a photo-radar firm recording traffic misdeeds of the highways of that desert state.

More a question of money, since the mobile vans led to an increase in accidents and didn’t generate enough income from traffic violations to warrant a renewed contract.

So Arizona get ready to rev your engines in Pinal County.

No one is watching.

3TV talked to a spokesperson for the governor who said everything is on the table and they are considering ending photo radar.

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