Ain’t Long Now

Barack H. Obama will take the oath to be the 44th President of the USA at noon on Jan. 20, 2008 and for more Americans GW Bush’s last day in office should be tomorrow, however his wife takes issue with pundits who have declared her husband’s eight years in the Oval as a failure.

“History will judge his two-terms and I don’t have to respond to any negative thoughts about my husband.” Laura Bush said on Fox News Sunday, Mrs. Bush says she knows her husband’s eight years in office was not a failure and claimed his triumphs as preventing any more attacks on the USA, the overthrow of Saddam, and offering treatment to millions of AIDS sufferers in Africa.

No one bothered to test her for oxycontin, because even Laura Bush has to admit in her heart of hearts that #43 was a total fuck-up.

And I know because I’m a fuck-up too.

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