Anti-Crack Island Thailand

Fed up with the traffic of contraband drugs into the Thai prisons, correction authorities are exiling a 1000 of the country’s most serious drug offenders to a high-tech facility designed to eliminate the smuggling of narcotics. The location of the prison will be in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Mobile phones will be useless inside the cell blocks and wardens will surveil the prisoners with CCTVs to avoid unnecessary opportunities for the exchange of drugs.

Just say no way.

“The first batch of serious drug offenders, from No 1 to No 1,000, will be jailed in this high-tech prison which will cut off any contact between prisoners and drug dealers on the outside.” The Corrections Minister announced with conviction to the Press. “And if this prison proves successful, then we will expand the system to 8 other prisons.”

1000 spots and then another 7000 and the government is planning on building 29 more prisons to cope with the overflow of drug offenders numbered at over 60,000 at present.

“We are also considering implanting GPS microchips into the body of minor offenders so we know where they are at all times.”

Obviously the government has decided that the future of Thailand rests in its prisons rather than its schools.


Over 2,000,000 million prisoners under lock and key.

.6% of the population.

More than the population of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont combined.

Thailand has only .1% of its people in jail.

Only another 360,000 to go.

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