Monthly Archives: June 2008

Samak Wins Confidence of Senate

PM Samak easily withstood the opposition’s call of no-confidence, as his coalition-led Senate polled 280-162 for the wily politician although protest will continue against his government in the months to come. These demonstrations will amount to little since the army has vowed to remain in the barracks and nnone of the poitcal parties are willing […]

Celtics 2008

Hopewell Project to Double as Thai Stonehenge

PM Samak has announced that old Hopewell project is actually an ancient Thai temple and this astonishing discovery should placate his countrymen’s indignation at ceding territory to Cambodia so that his friend can make money with the parking lot concession.

1600 Pennsylvannia Cool

Getting Rid of an Ex

Back in the 1990s I was still a young man. My girlfriend didn’t accept that i no longer wanted to see her and stalked me for several months. She was beautiful, rich, and a good laugh. When I spoke to the 9th Precinct police about this matter, they laughed in my face and threw me […]