Prostitution In Providence

I’ve been back in the States a month. My funds are getting low. Hell, they were low when I left Thailand. A friend offered a job in Providence. hang drapes at the Biltmore Hotel. $300/ 2 days. Not enough for a ticket back to paradise, but half of that amount would take care of my wife in Chai-Nat. We drove from New York early in the morning and worked until 9pm. The hotel gave us each rooms. We went outside to get some beers.


Providence is a ghost town after dark like all American cities.

No one on the streets, except for two old women in mini-skirts.

“You want some action?”


“Yeah.” The two ladies spelled out the rest with obscene gestures.

I thanked them for the offer and ran back to the hotel. A Honduran contractor laughed at this story. “It’s legal in Rhode island. Prostitution. Not outside on the street, but indoors. $139 for a spa treatment. I never go. Too much money for me.”

So prostitution in Rhode Island is legal due to a revised state law decriminalizing selling sex indoors, while other statutes forbid loitering for the purposes of prostitution, which hadn’t discourage the two ladies of the night working in the shadows of the City Hall.

Supposedly spas exist in Providence for the relaxation of men seeking female solace, but I suspect that they aren’t anywhere as fun as Soi 6.

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