Monthly Archives: February 2007

BABEL – 2006 movie

BABEL has received acclaim from Cannes and the Golden Globes. I purchased the DVD while waiting for lasagna at Fat Tony’s on the Jomtien Hill Road. I had pretty much seen everything else and the director’s earlier films AMORES PERROS and 21 GRAMS offered a different plotline than most Hollywood crap, so I returned home in […]

XXX banned online in Thailand

Thailand is world known for its brothels, go-go bars, lady-boys, rent-a-boys, and massage parlors. My friend Sam says that the practice of selling your body is centuries old and dates back to when a man would travel the rice fields with buffalo to be rented by farmers to plow the fields. Homeless women led the […]

One Giant Step for Mankind in Pattaya Park

As previous reported Thais and farangs have not been feeling as happy as in 2006. Whatever the reasons a Swiss national decided to step into space off the 56th Floor of Pattaya Park Beach Resort. He was not a base jumper. His impact in the parking lot did not add to the general malaise as he missed […]

Happiness down in Thailand

REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL 1-2-3. I loved that song by Ian Dury. Sadly Thailand most recent ‘Gross Domestic Happiness Index’ (GDHI) revealed a decrease in smilability for both Thais and farangs. New Year’s bombs, southern unrest, dark forces undercurrents, the sinking airport, and rising prices are attributed for the GDHI’s drop of six points. Bhutan’s […]

Phuket Paradise Amok

My great-grand aunt Bert traveled to Siam in the 1870s on her father’s clipper ship. Elephant tusks from Laos and opium for China were the Flying Sky’s cargo. I met her a few times in the 1960s. Her house was a boy’s delight. Whale teeth shark jaws, harpoons, hookahs, and oddities from the Orient. She lived to 103 […]