Saturday night out on the town and it’s 2:30am.

Way past a man my age’s bedtime. however the gentle persuasion of my good friend Sam Royalle coaxed the devil in me to stay out another hour. Most punters head to Marine Disco or the JP Bar, however our choice for a nightcap is the Casino Bar on Soi Diamond. Actually more like a night cowboy hat, since we ordered a bottle of vodka from the bar.


Always cheaper and you have a bottle the next time you come in.

We know the owners and the bar staff. They treat us like kings, especially since Sam lays down a 20k bar bill whenever he steps in the door. Rounds of kamikazes, B-52s, and Tequila shots flow like water through a New Orleans levee after Katrina.

The music is techno pop. The lights flashing. Satan is in the room and so is Carlos the Jackal. Doesn’t take much to move the meter from drunk to utter inebriation when gorgeous dancers say, “You’re sexy. Take us home.” 


I voted for no one in the last presidential election and have never been abducted by aliens, so I refused their supplications, mostly because I don’t want to go home with me, so it’s more drinking and groping, until a mercenary friend recently back from Iraq decided to go postal and I walk him out the door.

“What’s the problem?” I’m holding him back like a Doberman on speed.

“Nothing.” Chad’s a paid killer. “Just I love one of the girls in there.”

“Only one?” I loved every one of them and who wouldn’t in their right mind.casino71.jpgcasino71.jpgcasino71.jpg

“Only one.”

Maybe that was his problem, because I was the same way, only I was in love with my wife.

I woke the next morning on the sofa alone and my pockets were empty. Not one baht.

Damn, what a hangover and I never succumbed to the devil. Only Satan. if you have to ask the difference, then you will never know the answer.

Casino Club Pattaya
Soi Diamond
Pattaya, Chonburi 20260

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