USA Beauty Queens Are Human

For decades American TV viewers have been treated to pristine beauty pageant during which the contestants telling the audience, “I want to make the world a better place by giving Barbie dolls to starving children.”


Their coifs and costumes were usually better suited for GOP state dinners and I’ve never seen a flat-chested girl even place in the top runner up category. Not one and I like tom boys like Hillary Duff. Some of my friends say this makes me gay. Maybe that’s why big breasts rule.

Proves you’re a man if you like excessive mammeries, so the nymphette look has no place in Miss America contests, however Miss USA is supposed to be the sexy girl next door and the ruling beauty queen for 2007 has proven herself to be a real person by hitting New York and partying like it’s 1999. Late-nights, drugs, and bi-sexual frolics. There was some threat of Miss USA Tara Conner being stripped naked of her crown by that billionairesque paragon of virtue, Donald Trump.

At a tearful press conference the Grand Sweep-over announced that the repentant Ms Tara will retain her crown, although will also be subjected to drug testing and have to enter rehab. More than likely she countered these allegations with a whisper campaign that the Donald, star of THE APPRENTICE TV Show, had tried to put moves on her while out at night. Donald does like blondes as much as I like flat-chested girls.


Is that a sin?

No, but he is a hypocrite as was pointed out by Rose O’Donnell.

Holiday fracas of accusations.

Hypocrite / Lesbian

Sweep-over / Ugly and fat

Broke / I’m gonna sue

And the ratings went over the top just in time to obscure the President saying the USA will send more troops to Iraq.

Doesn’t look like they’ll be coming home for Xmas, but Miss Nevada 2007 will be heading back to the wild west without her title after the newspapers released ‘raunchy’ photos of her partying in Miami.

What is wrong with Katie Ress kissing girls?

Better than hugging Donald Trump.

Sexier too.

But the USA was founded by people treasuring religious freedom of repression over personal liberty. Hence BAD GIRL BAD GIRL.

Always welcome in Pattaya.

We love bad girls.

Even with big breasts.

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