Sex education on Soi Six

Last week Bangkok’s ‘Sex Education Van’ visited Pattaya’s notorious short-S4020398.jpgtime street, Soi 6, which many farangs called ‘Soi half-a-dozen’ to throw suspicous girlfriends off their trail. Soi 6 boasts 43 bars. Most are short time joints. The action is casual sex. Wham-bam-thank you, m’am.

These establishments employ from 5-20 women, whose beauty ranges from stunning to beastoid. Due to the frequency of liasons, the ‘sex education van’ decided to enlighten the street about benefits of safe sex to prevent the spread of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

The volunteers distriubted free condoms and leaflets about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Many short-timers are aware of these perils, but certain farang customers pride themselves in never having used a condom.

“It’s like taking a shower wearing a raincoat.”

This sounds almost as stupid as a man boasting, “I’ve never paid for sex.”

The only really free sex is masturbation.

Strangely it’s one the one safe sex act too, but no one in the sex education was advising short-timers to tell their customers to ‘jag-wow’ or ‘jerk off’ nor were they educating the girls in various sexual positions guranteed to hasten their customer’s satisfaction, which would seem as important as condoms, for the quicker the man finishes, the less exposure to danger.

All the girls hate Viagra, sicne they can’t tell if the customer has reach the end. Short-time is fast sex and despite what most men think, women like it quick and painless. Especially in short time bars.

Maybe on the next visit the ‘sex education van’ will help out the sisters with practical tactics in happy endings ala rapido.


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