Guns and kids

EMAIL from Bryan Le Bouef Painter from Lousiana.

Mom sent me this yesterday… a photo depicting my brothers and scan[1].jpgI when we had yet to face the most troubling parts of life. As you might guess I was much younger than the others. I believe that I had just been introduced to hard drugs the previous day as my body language would seem to indicate that I couldn’t stop moving and I wouldn’t shut up for a photograph with my favorite brother and the other one. Immediately after this was taken, John subsequently shot Bert Jr. in the leg with the gun that he kept in that Mazda directly behind us as Bert tried to leave to go to what I believe would have been his prom.

The last picture of all 3 boys together for many years.

Here are three paintings by the artist.

ClearDayBkgrd[1].jpgbryanLB0001.jpg swimming_lesson2.jpg

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