BTS Skytrain plans for disabled passengers in Bangkok

At present the elevators of the Skytrain are restricted to those people in wheelchairs. The elderly, young, and drunk are required to huff it up the stairs.

Not all station have elevators and in order to aid those people unable to make the trip to the platform an anonymous BTS official has proposed that the authority set up catapults to launch people up to the appropriate levels.

“At a cost of 200000 baht we can solve this problem and also give the passengers a thrilling ride.” The official showed how with a small mock up.

None of his little doll figures ended up in the target zone, but he says with more training he could improve his success ratio to 9 out of 10.

“The other option would be bungee cord the disabled onto the platform.”

Drunken farangs surveyed about the feasibility of this project seem to think that the idea might be a little risky, especially since the Skytrain closes before the bars.

“Maybe they could build a bigger catapult to launch me home.” One after-hours reveler mused, staring at his distant condo. “Certainly would save time in traffic.”

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