Monthly Archives: May 2006

Osama sighting in Pattaya

Two years ago Osama Bin laden escaped from a White House detention cell. Neither the FBI, CIA, NSA, or Boy Scouts have a clue as to his whereabouts. Several talent agencies interest in booking the terrorists on Oprah and BBC’s Hardline have also failed to find the Saudi warlord as will as a dozen credit card companies seeking payment for […]

Big Wave Alert – Pattaya out of loop

May 17 26 Pacific Rim nations participated in a tsunami-warning drill to test response. SMS signals were sent to telephones on the Eastern Seaboard. “Run to high ground.” The message came 5 minutes late, which was better than the last test, which was postponed four hours for a high political official (Not Miss Thailand 2006) to […]

May 16 trepidation on leaving Thailand

In 8 days I’m flying from Bangkok to JFK. 17 hours. My first time back in 3 years. I’m leaving the Land of smiles, my wife, daughter, cheap beer, palm trees, beaches, go-gos, elephants, and my motorcycle. I don’t think about my car much since my wife drive it. My friend Nick recently returned from the […]

Da Vinci Code banned?

Four Christian groups have joined the worldwide uproar about the depiction of Jesus, the church, Albinos, Mary Magdalene, and divinity in the soon-to-be released THE DA VINCI CODE. Christians are in the minority in Thailand. If they were an animal, they might even be under danger of extinction, yet these Christians are calling for a national boycott […]

GW Check out the nose.

GW Bush has been under a lot of pressure lately. NSA wire taps. Trying to figure out why Iraq is spelled with a Q instead of an N. At a cabinet meeting he was heard to ask Condalezza Rice. “Does it mean they’re queer or sand niggers?” It was the fifteenth time he had asked […]