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Chuck Norris versus Zombies

Chuck Norris doesn’t mess around with the dead.

Zombie Zictims

“Zombies, zombies, zombies.” Last week headlines across America screamed the warning of a zombie attack in Miami after a crazed naked man at a derelict’s face in public followed by a mother eating her newborn’s toes as well as a Maryland college student confessing the crime of cannibalism to local police and a man mutilating […]

Hellbound Haiti

Most Americans are too lost in the daily struggle to survive the gauntlet of bills and family needs to care about the rest of the world, however the famed churchman Pat Robertson took time out of his busy schedule to theorize that the devastation visited on Haiti was God’s revenge on that troubled isle’s pact […]


Years ago I was traveling through Mexico on my way to Texas. The bus stopped at a small village and I bought some tacos. One tasted funny. Within several hours my body was wracked by gastric convulsions. I got off the bus in a small nameless town and booked a room in a disreputable posada. […]

Resident Evil 3

Global warming experts and political pessimists have gelled to forecast a doomsday combination of socio-economic collapse exascerbated by catastrophic climate changes. Hollywood has been capitalizing on this apocalyptical vision with films such as George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and MAD MAX II, but the heroes usuallly survive the throes of extinction thanks to […]