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The Difference of Three Days

According to the New Testament the Hebrew legal council surrendered Yeshua bar Yosef to the Roman Prefect of Judaea. The Sanhedrin accused the citizen of Galilee of the blasphemy of claiming to be the King of the Jews. Pontius Pilate concluded that the healer was innocent of these charges, however the Passover crowd before the […]

On His Knees

James Inhofe has long been the GOP’s leading critic on global warming. His faith has convinced him that Man is incapable of altering his God’s plan for Earth. As late as July 2010 the Oklahoma senator stated, “I don’t think that anyone disagrees with the fact that we actually are in a cold period that […]

The Passion Of Zombie Jesus

Flee Flee Flee

A madman for Live For God’s Kingdom has reinforced the convictions of my old friend, the ex-model from Paris, that the world is coming to an end. We are meant to flee for Jerusalem. It is the only refuge for believers. “The Beast is a new world order and I think has tied to the […]

The End is More Neigh Than Before

On Saturday I informed the ex-model from Paris I m a not a servant of satan only a rocker. I thought this reply an olive branch, however the ex-model is resolute in her convictions. Saturday at 6:38pm peter if you are not humble and you don’t realize that Jesus is all powerful and He died […]