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Repentance Of Guilt

Repenting for the sins of others is a crime against the innocent. – James Steele Yesterday the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI released a three year-old video of Mohammed Morsi, then-Muslim Brotherhood leader and the present Egyptian President pitching defiant Anti-Zionist talking points on several unidentified TV broadcasts. Under siege by the GOP […]

In Our Best Interests

The Democratic convention platform in Charlotte left out any mention of Israel and God. The GOP bible-thumpers attacked the omission of their Almighty Deity and those farther to the right have been outraged without surprise, for as resistance.ning.com states; “For Democrats there is NO God because they believe in the merciless slaughter of America’s innocent, […]

Hand Of God

Judging from a spate of operational exercises carried by the Israeli military it seems like the Zionist nation is ready to conduct attacks on its distant enemy, Iran, to prevent the Islamic Republic from challenging Israel’s monopoly as a nuclear power. US-made F-16s and F-15s rehearsed a 900-mile round-trip flights over the eastern Mediterranean this […]