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THE END OF YOUTH by Peter Nolan Smith

Subletting your apartment is tricky in New York. The supers are snitches for the landlords, so subleasees have to live with utter discretion in your flat. Swedes are the best, since they are respectful of property unlike Americans. In the early 80s I moved to Paris. Actuel Magazine offered me a job at their nightclub. […]

Young Charlotte

Charlotte Rampling Forever a goddess.

Party Rules for Youth

My friend’s son is having a graduation party this weekend. Somehow I got invited via Facebook. I RSVPed ‘yes’ then checked the guests. Everyone is under 20. I’m three times that age, so I’m in the process of disinviting myself. Swine Flu Fever is a good excuse. Check out this rules of partying list. Official […]

The Now World

Skateboarding never gets old.