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MISSILE AWAY by Peter Nolan Smith

During his youth my older brother was a pyromaniac. Frunk nearly burned down each of our houses and those of our neighbors on several occasions. Each time my mother punished us both with a wooden spoon and my father sternly admonished our incendiary behavior, yet my older brother was undeterred by cracks across the knuckles […]

KICK OUT THE JAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

In the fall of 1969 my all-boys parochial school entered a chocolate-selling competition with the other Catholic educational institutions in Boston. The top prize for most sales was a concert by a band from Elektra Records. Rumors abounded that the band on offer was The Doors. Everyone wished it was true, because in 1967 the […]

The Freedom of Apostasy

My grades at Our Lady of the Foothills were better than good, but nothing extraordinary, so everyone in my town was shocked by my winning a scholarship to Xaverian Brothers High School. My parents were so proud. Their son had answered their prayers. I lost the scholarship two years later for failing religion. My mother […]