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Viva wore band-aids over her nipples. Andy Warhol was never sexy. She was a goddess. She lives in Palm Springs and paints landscapes of what she sees.

Painting Like Warhol

In 1969 my friend Joe Gator hand-painted his Chevelle SS white and slapped a ragged black slash down the middle. “It’ll make it go faster.” I think the BC High senior used the same paint as Warhol slopped over this BMW M1. Andy echoed Joe’s comment, “I tried to portray speed pictorially. If a car […]

No Space For Warhol

Throughout the spring and summer of 1956 New York’s Museum of Modern Art featured an exhibition, Recent Drawings USA. Andy Warhol was one of the artists in the group show. According to the informative http://www.warholstars.org Warhol and his companion Charles Lisanby traveled around the world visiting San Francisco, Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, Djakarta, Bali, […]

Warhol on Sale

My old boss Manny at the Diamond Exchange loved showing diamonds. I loved even more saying, “It’s one of a kind, how many do you want?” His son Richie Boy and I groaned at this utterance, however more times than not the octogenarian would complete the sale and his son would shrug with acceptance, “After […]

Dead Presidents For Dead Man’s Art

A reporter once asked Andy Warhol his opinion about art. The pop icon answered without hesitation. “It’s a nice name for a man.” Warhol has been dead for years, yet his paintings made up 17% of auction sales of contemporary art in 2010. Millions upon millions for his foundation and friends. Proving that while you […]