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This afternoon a friend of Richie Boy walked into the diamond exchange. It was the end of the day. Kwan wasn’t wearing a suit. I had never really spoken with him. The Wall Street trader had a high opinion of himself. His clothes had been purple lapels and his cars ran faster than the State […]

Payback For The Geeks

Nerds and geeks have been targeted by bullies throughout history. Sand was kicked in Socrates’ face by a nameless. Galilleo was given a wedgee by a callous bastard son of a Vatican cardinal, and Einstein was forced to do the homework of a Viennese strong-arm thug. Bullying the weak or different has been a feature […]


Americans are outraged that AIG issued $165 million in bonuses to their top executives. This money came from the bailout to the beleaguered insurance giant. Congress responded to the rage with kneejerk legislation aimed at retrieving the money by taxing the corporate fats cats 90%. This without any review as to who got what and […]