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VISA – MC Triumph

Famed US bank robber Willie Sutton was a stand-up criminal throughout his forty year career. His take from over a hundred heist armed with either a pistol or Thompson machine gun amounted to over $2,000,000. Slick Willie never had to fire a shot in these escapades unlike the infamous Bonnie and Clyde or Machine Gun […]

Thai Visa Tactics

Farangs on the Thai Visa Forum were reacting in a customary panic to the declaration from the Immigration Offices that all future 60-day tourist extensions will be reviewed with the intent of weeding out those farangs working or seeking work illegally in Thailand. I can suggest several tactics to avoid such scrutiny. First; don’t seek […]

Anti American Noise

Today an irate Yank responded to a letter in the Bangkolk Post’s Postbag complaining about the treatment at the US Embassy in Bangkok. I have always been hadnled with professionalism at the counter, then again I’m a US citizen and only want a few extra pages in my passport. Try getting a visa for your […]

PenangThai O Visa

Penang in 1991 was a step into the modern world for any traveler leaving Sumatra. Paved roads were a welcome relief after a bone-grinding bus ride from Lake Toba. The streets were lined with sailor bars. Brothels lurked down dark alleys. Slim Chinese girls strolled by in high heels and their hot pants tempted everyone’s eyes. Muslim, Hindu, Westerner. […]