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Soviet Hot Rods

soviet hot rods, lada, Pobeda-Sport, 1934 GAZ A-Aero, Gaz-Torpedo, ussr The USSR was criticized by the West for their failure to provide consumer comforts. The grocery stores were devoid of potato chips. The TVs were Black and White. Fashion was puritanical, but Detroit reserved a special disdain for Soviet cars and with good reason. All […]


During my trip to 2009 trip to Russia I was lucky enough to encounter Seve Gakkel, the cellist of the famous Soviet era band Aquarium. The band dated back to 1972, when Boris Grebenshchikov and Anatoly Gunitsky joined forces with several musicians to play art rock at a Leningrad restaurant. The KGB hated the music, […]

Big Bear

Mikhail Gorbachev The USA and the USSR waged a Cold War across the world. America and her proxy nations fought wars in Korea and Viet-Nam. Countless conflicts burned on every continent and in the air as well as on the sea. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stated at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow […]

The Beauty Of The Soviet

The Surrender Army

Back in the ever-distant last century the West confronted the Evil Empire of the USSR. Nuclear missiles were aimed at capitol cities, tanks were poised on the border, and armies ready armed for invasion. It was the time of the $4000 Pentagon Hammer and the $20,000 Air Force toilet. I proposed another secret weapon. The […]