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Hotter Than Before Almost

The Friends of Science actively refute the majority of scientists churning out warnings about the threat of Global Warming. The Hoaxist website disputes the claims of the radical rise in temperatures, the danger of man’s carbon footprint on the planet, global warming’s adverse effect on weather patterns as well as the shrinkage of glaciers and […]

Thai Impotency hit 40% – Europe 50% – USA 80%

“Fear is the first time you can get an erection for the second time. Terror is the second time you can’t get it up for the first time.” New Year’s Eve 1980. NYC. 6am-5pm Jan.2. I played domino with three girls in fur bikinis and a PR ye-ho dealer. Mario of ‘Mario can you get […]

7 Million and Counting

Charles Manson has been incarcerated in the California penal system since 1969 for the murders at the Sharon Tate home along with several other mass murder punctuating the end of the Summer of Love. The ex-convict was never proved to have shot any of the victims, yet the LA DA was able to convince a […]

Bringing The Title Back Home

In 2007 the USA failed to qualify for the finals of sailing’s most prestigious title, The America Cup, however Joey Chesnut of Potomac Falls, VA vanquished the six-time defending hot dog eating champ Takeru Kobayashi and brought the trophy back to the States.  At the annual Fourth of July eat-off the two finalists were tied […]

Top Ten US States For Corruption

No surprise at # 1 1. Mississippi 2. Louisiana 3. Tennessee 4. Illinois 5. Pennsylvania 6. Alabama 7. Alaska 8. South Dakota 9. Kentucky 10. Florida But where was New Jersey?