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URGE FOR GOING Joni Mitchell

Men and boys weren’t allowed to like Joni Mitchell during the 60s and 70s. But that was wrong-headed thinking. Joni wrote great songs and sang them even better. URGE FOR GOING is a killer. I love it to his day

LOOKALIKE by Peter Nolan Smith

A four-lane bridge spanned the flooded Mississippi and the Torino sped past heavily loaded semi-trailers creeping up a steep bluff. Davenport, Iowa wasn’t a big city, but it had been even smaller in 1947, when Jack Kerouac had been dropped in the middle of the prairie by a trucker. The sun had set without his […]


It’s autumn and I’m having a Tom Rush festival. It’s good to look him on on google and see on Wikipedia that his birthdate isn’t followed by a termination day. Tom Rush was the singer who made it safe for men to listen to Joni Mitchell without feeling like a sissy, at least not until […]