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Surfing in Thailand

I’ve never thought of Thailand as a surfing spot, until seeing the autumn waves on Koh Chang. Growling shorebreak. Some of them had to be rideable and I spotted an ancient surfboard at the nearest hotel. Obviously abandoned, since the deck was wrinkled like a potato chip. First problem. No wax. Undaunted I tucked the board under […]

B’ak’tun Tsunami

Doomologists have pinpointed the end-date of the Mayan’s 5,125-year-long cycle as or December 21, 2012 without predicting the cause of Armageddon. Various options for the B’ak’tun have been offered by opposing camps. Fundamentalists are hoping for the Second Coming of the Messiah and survivalists are arming up for collapse of the New World Order, […]

Awaiting Armageddon

The online news about a Harley from the Japan tsunami washing ashore in British Columbia had a calming effect on the collective mindset about the impending apocalypse scheduled for 12-21-12 in that even after such a cataclysm life resumed normalcy, especially since the Harley’s owner is alive and well in the Miyagi prefecture. Of course […]

kfc thailand tsunami earthquake banda aceh

Another serious earthquake struck of the coast of Sumatra. Banda Aceh and other coastal cities were warned about a possible tsunami from the 8.6-magnitude quake and a follow-up tremblors of 8.2. The people reacted to the alert by hitting the road to avoid another disaster. Photos of the gridlocked exodus revealed the futility of flight. […]

Thai Tsunami ESP

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake caught Xmas holiday-makers by tragic surprise.Over 200,000 people were killed by the killer waves generated by a monster quake off the coast of Western Sumatra. The 9.1 tremor rang the planet like a bell. The hum continued for weeks, as the coastal communities of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India […]