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Roger Casement Martyr

Once a Knight of the British Empire Roger Casement was led to his death before a firing squad. His crime was treason. He had plotted to have weapons delivered to the IRA to fight against the English during WWI. The Germans had failed to supply the arms. A lover sold him out to the Brits. […]

Traitor # 45

In Edward Everett Hale’s “The Man Without a Country” a a young United States Army lieutenant, Philip Nolan, befriend by Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton’s killer, who attempted to establish a republic on the Mississippi far from Washington. At Philip Nolan’s trial he declared to the judge, “I wish I may never hear of the United […]

Big Bear

Mikhail Gorbachev The USA and the USSR waged a Cold War across the world. America and her proxy nations fought wars in Korea and Viet-Nam. Countless conflicts burned on every continent and in the air as well as on the sea. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stated at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow […]

The Magic Of The Law

Fox News and CNN were shucked out of their jocks by Chief Justice Robert’s siding with the left side of the court to support President Obama’s health care reform law. Robert’s had wandered off the range a month ago and the right-leaning judges failed to lead the stray back to pasture. They were especially angered […]

TRAITOR the movie

I haven’t been to the cinema in years. Theaters are filled with popcorn crunchers and cell-phone addicts. The price of a ticket is almost a six-pack of Bud or 45 tall boys of Modelo. I watch films online and I don’t feel cheated by sloppy Hollywood storylines like TRAITOR, a film about ‘terrorists’ chased by […]