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Cyclone In Revere

Two days ago an early morning tornado stuck Revere Beach. Thankfully tree were no serious injuries from the EF-2 outburst, but winds gusted to 120 mph in a 3/8ths of a mile swarth, leaving residents without power for several hours. While tornadoes are extremely rare along the Massachusetts coast, Revere Beach was once home to […]


Two Septembers ago I checked the morning weather report online. The forecast for the Tri-State area determined my attire for the diamond exchange, especially as the summer and autumn of seesawed during September. The AM meteorologists predicted temperature would top off at 75 with rain hitting the city by the afternoon, so I dressed in […]

Run Boy Run

Mark King posted this photo on FB and wrote the following; “Would you run? A ditch would be handy and probably safer than trying to outrun a tornado. I was ‘chased’ by one as a kid in Cyprus and my first instinct was attraction. Then, as tin roofs and telegraph poles started swirling in the […]

Last Stop Joplin

This Sunday President Obama returned to the USA after a successful European drinking binge with Irish drunks and gin-lovers at Buckingham Palace. His first stop was not McSorley’s in the East Village, but the devastated Midwest city of Joplin. 2/3s of the Missouri town has erased by mega-tornadoes. The President viewed the widespread wreckage and […]

Bible Belt Tragedies

The Bible Belt extends across the southern USA from Virginia to Texas. The white population is dominated by conservative evangelical Protestantism and the black populace of those states are equally enthralled with their churches. Several cities have fought for the title of ‘the Buckle of the Bible Belt’ and this last month the wrath of […]