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Neolithic Equinox

I first visited London in the fall of 1978. My girlfriend Lisa was a model for Elite. The New York owner John Casablancas thought her beauty might sell better in Europe. The blonde from Buffalo was only 5-7. We lived next to the Chelsea Football Stadium and had never left the apartment on match days. […]

7:03 AM

Last month I started waking at 7:03am. I am not a light sleeper, but something was disturbing my slumber cycle. I opened the window of the Fort Greene Observatory to the morning air and heard a machine rumble. I immediately identified the source as the transformer powering the construction of a condo tower several blocks […]

She’s # 3

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Congress fractured in two. Israel subverting the Press. Wikileaks publishing transcripts of US diplomatic wires. The economy in shatters. The list is too depressing for most people and Americans have responded to the challenge by electing Miley Cyrus, teen idol, #1 person on Yahoo Search. A few young people […]