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Dining On Diamonds

The BBC News reported that a Canadian man had been arrested in Windsor for swallowing a 1.7 carat diamond worth $20,000. Police xrayed the 52 year-old thief, however diamonds do not appear in x-rays, so they have forced the robber to drink several bottles of laxatives without any movement of the gemstone trapped in his […]

The Language Of Thieves

Back in the 80s I lived on Ile St. Louis with a South African model. Her husband paid the rent. He lived in the South of France, where he had a clothing factory in Biot. Vanesse had lied to her husband and said that I was gay. “I have nothing against ‘gay’. Guy had fought […]

Thaksin Half-Broke

This morning I called Thailand to speak with Mem. 8am my time. 8pm her time. She answered the phone from the karaoke bar across the soi from her apartment. My son Fenway likes to sing. I so want him to be a superstar. It’s my alternative retirement. The other is to rob a bank in […]