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No Home like No Home

This winter I faced legal charges for copyright infringement. The officers from the cyber-crime unit of the Thai Police told me not to worry about the sentence. They said it would be about $100US, however several lawyers warned that I could face deportation plus the declaration of persona non grata, which would have meant my […]

Revolution So What

When I first came out to the Orient, my mother would call to ask if I were involved in certain overthrows of the government. In her head she couldn’t think why else any American would leave the Land of the Free, unless your absence was required to overthrow an enemy of America. She was wrong. […]


An anonymous reader criticized my article HOW FAR THE FALL on the Thaksin’s descent from the heights of power. anon; 1)Your article is extremely biased. May be it’ll be an excuse for having such an attitude for … the only oldest news’s sources all belong to Thaksin’s opponents, and you conceited farang happened to be […]

Rockets Red Glare over Suvarnabhumi

My first years were spent in a house in Maine. The road deadended onto Casco Bay. Seagulls were the predominant bird of flight. Their call continues to evoke childhood memories of the North Atlantic, however they were replaced by a much more disturbing noise with a family move in 1960. My father had a new […]

Start Spreading the News

The PPP victory in the December election has set up the possibility of Thaksin’s return to Thailand, despite the junta’s demand that whoever rules next will not be allowed to drop investigation against the deposed PM. In truth they should be packing their bags for retirement rather than enacting more edicts against the beloved ex-ruler […]