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Miss Khmer Rouge

The Khmer Rouge sought to reincarnate the pureness of Cambodian society by wiping the slate clean in Year Zero and after the Fall of Phnom Phem the new regime exiled the country’s urban population to rural re-education camps in the rice fields and jungles. The cadre shut schools, hospitals and factories throughout Kampuchea. Buddhas were […]

THE ROAD TO KABUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Afghanistan was a two-day drive from Italy in the summer of 1972. At the end of the school year my friend Gianni bought a school bus in Milano and told his parents that he was going on vacation. Kabul was his destination. His parents offered to pay the gas, viewing the venture as a mind-expanding […]

GOP Taliban

Why does anyone in the media pay attention to Pat Robertson? Because he doesn’t know when to shut his hole.

10 Years In Gitmo

The September 11 attacks on America changed the rules of warfare for the United States. The nation craved revenge and the first taste was served in Afghanistan with the defeat of the Taliban. Hundreds of prisoners were transferred from the theater of war to the US Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. These detainees were […]

Cover Boys of the Taliban

The Taliban is primarily comprised of Pathan warriors. Their tribal territory straddles the Afghani-Pakistani border without official delineation. Kandahar is the de facto Pathan capitol, although their fierce loyalty to clan lineage has defeated any attempt to unify the Pathans. Only a foreign invasion can join the Yousefzai, Shinwari, Mohmands , Muhammedzai , Durrani, Ghori […]