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Combat Zone Amnesia

In the 60s urban social scientists suggested to Boston officials that the city create an adult entertainment area between the bus station on Boylston Street and Chinatown to contain the wickedness of mankind. The experiment green-lighted prostitution, drag queens, piano bars, go-go bars, rent boys, and pornography along Washington Street and the adjacent blocks. The […]

Old Friends Never Fade Away

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THE LAST GO-GO BOY by Peter Nolan Smith

Americans tend to judge the nation’s fiscal well-being by the rise and fall of the Dow Jones Index, even though Wall Street’s accumulation of wealth has destroyed the spending power of the middle-class. The January bonuses for the hedge fund managers will not save a single consumer buried under debt, after which the corporations will […]

Hiding in Scandal

You find out who your real friends are when you’re involved in a scandal. Elizabeth Taylor Check out the man hiding his face. He couldn’t be more guilty. And the woman is free as the wind.

9/11 plus 5 Pattaya Memorial

My wife has been out of town for over a week. She had gone up country to the rice paddies with my daughter to take care of a sick sister. Champoo, my dog, escorted on my nights at the Buffalo Bar. The bar on 3rd Road is a convenient five-minute motorcycle ride to my soi […]