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Shooting To Kill

Last month I was talking to an ex-NYPD cop about the Amadou Diallo case. I offhandedly said that the officers involved in that fatal shooting were high on drugs and that the only good thing they did that fateful evening was not reload and shoot the downed African again. “You don’t know what the fuck […]

The Death of Sin

Sin is considered an act defying the accepted social morale. Christianity listed the Seven Deadly Sins as Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Sinners can commit this sins anywhere in the world, but for the past thirty years few places were better to offend the morality of squares than Pattaya, Thailand and I […]

0-for Ortiz

The Boston Red Sox’s perfect season ended last night with a defeat by the hated New York Yankees. I was sitting in Frank’s Bar. Neutral territory since most of the clientele are Mets fans. Larry, the ex-Basketball phenom, was rooting for my team. He hated the Yankees. Dave Ortiz came up to the plate late […]

Steroid Juice Monkeys of the NYPD

The Thai police raid clubs to piss-test customers for drugs. If you failed the test ie your pee turns purple, you are arrested for drug use. The USA is a little more civilized, however many companies demand to pass a drug test before you are hired for any position and that means mail room or […]