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Rain, Sleet, and Snow

Back in 2022 St. Padraic’s Day was blessed with spring weather. The next day was even warmer, especially since I had traveled south to the Northern Neck of the Potomac. Charles, Ms. Carolina, and I stood at the end of the dock. A super-sized moon roses over the far shore and the equinox sun set […]

ERIN GO BALI by Peter Nolan Smith

My first trip to Bali was in 1990. Most tourists gravitated to Kuta Beach for sea, sun, and fun. Being a pseudo-intellectual I opted for Ubud, an idyllic village of Legong dancers, ornate temples, and quiet evenings, where I rented a small house overlooking an idyllic stream. My house servant served breakfast in the morning. […]

The Irish Are Coming

I extended invitations to a drinking Craic around the Village for St. Patrick’s Day. My good friend JW, skateboarder/urbanologist, begged off joining us with the following words. “I’m back. Happy St. Patrick’s day I think I might beg off tonight, But thanks for the invitation. I’m honored But I want to hibernate a bit and […]

QUEEN OF THE PLAZA by Peter Nolan Smith

St. Patrick’s Day promised to be another disaster for the Retail Collection of the Plaza Hotel. Hordes of green-clad spectators streamed down the escalator into the basement. Their eyes averted the luxury goods on offer, as their destination was the hotel’s public bathroom. Within the first hour I had given directions to the toilet over […]

Bloomberg, TĂ©igh Trasna Ort FĂ©in

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg spent $100 million to convince the voters that his opponent stood no chance against his juggernaut. The billionaire won by 6% thanks to the apathy of the brainwashed electorate. Bloomberg has cut services, raised subway fares, and balmed underlings for his failings, but this week the nebbish crossed ethnic lines by […]