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A MAN OF SPEED by Peter Nolan Smith

Father’s Day has complemented Mother’s Day since 1910, although the holiday remained unofficial for decades and most Americans treated Father’s Day as a joke, until LBJ proclaimed the Third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Richard Nixon made it permanent six years later. “The only thing I get for Father’s Day are bills,” my father […]

Bonneville Salt Flats August 1971

I was a 15 year-old boy living on the South Shore of Boston. 3000 miles separated my body and soul from San Francisco. My entreaties to convince my parents to visit California proved fruitless and they dropped me once a month at the Terminal Barber Shop in Mattapan Square. My father had a crew-cut. None […]

Speed for the Masses

China might have 700 million more people than America, however the Land of the Free and the Brave outweighs the Celestial Kingdom by a whopping 40% thanks to the obesity fad hitting America. The Communist Politiburo frustrated by the USA’s superiority in this department have launched a massive online campaign to sell Phentermine to the […]